Damavand Location

Damavand is located 80 Km  North-East of the capital city Tehran. It is standing in the middle of Alborz Mountains on the south seashore of the Caspian Sea in the district of Mazandaran Iran. Damavand is midway the Haraz Road between the Tehran and Amol city.
Coordinates and the GPS landmark of Damavand Summit:
Latitude 35-57-19 N
Longitude 52-06-37 E

Damavand Map
Damavand Map
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Trek Damavand
Damavand is the highest mountain in Iran and the Middle-East. Trekking Damavand the Highest Volcano in Asia is a life time memory. The experience of ascending this magnificent volcano with a group of trekkers from around the world is very interesting. Before climbing Damavand it is essential to learn all the necessary information about this prominent mountain in Iran. You may find the best source of information in English about Damawand  for hiking &amp trekking, mountaineering, snowboarding and ski touring in Damavand Info.

Trek Damavand Iran
Trek Damavand Iran
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Damavand in Winter

Damavand volcano is an excellent symmetrical cone with a narrow summit. It looks like Mount Fuji (Fujiyama) in Japan. Snow covers Damavand in winter and the summit is snow-capped several months a year. But only the upper parts are white in spring and autumn. Ice and hardened-snow remain on Damavand Glaciers on the north face all the year. Damavand  lies about 80 kilometers driving distance north-east of Tehran in the northern Persian plateau. This giant white summit and its beautiful cloud cap are the most fascinating sight of Iran mountains.

Damavand in Winter
Damavand in Winter 

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Damavand Trekking Season

The best time to Trek Damavand  is from 15th June to 15th September. In this trekking season south route foot-steps are free of snow, the weather forecast is generally good and climbers can go by cars as far as Damavand BaseCamp, ( also called Goosfand Sara or Mosque).

Mountaineers with ordinary climbing knowledge are advised to climb the mountain only in this season. Damavand resorts are crowded during Iranian weekends and holidays. Best starting days is Saturday. Avoid travelling to the are in Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday). Visit also Damavand Weather.

Damavand Trekking Season
Damavand South Route
Mid June Beginning of  Damavand Trekking Season

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Damavand Info

Mount Damavand is the Highest Volcano in Asia. This enormous volcanic mountain is standing in the middle of Alborz Mountain Range on the south coast of the Caspian Sea and is surrounded by numerous handsome mountains, valleys and forests. Damavand Volcano is 5,671 m, 18,605 ft high and it is also the highest summit in the middle-east and the second highest volcanic mountain in the northern hemisphere.

Best Source of Information for Mt Damavand Iran
Recommended by Lonelyplanet - Iran (also in English guide book 6th edtion 2012 - page 73):
Tow excellent source of information on all things Damavand:
Damavand Info and Mount Damavand Guide.

Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran
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Damavand First Campsite Polour Resort
The best starting point for trekking Mount Damavand either from classic south route or the west route is called Damavand Camp 1 Polour Hut. Polor copmplex campsite is a shortcut to the mountain and is an ideal place for accommodation and acclimatization. Polour Resort is a quite suitable mountain hut in the area. Polur Hut is made by Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation (also called Mountain Climbing Federation of Iran) and it is administered by the same organization.



Mount Damavand Location

Damavand Mountain is situated in the district of Mazandaran about 80 Km (driving distances) North-East of Tehran. It is in the central part of the Alborz Mountain Range and on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Damavand is almost half-way the Haraz Road between the capital city Tehran and Amol city in Mazandaran Province in the northern Iran. The coordinates and the GPS landmark of Damavand Summit is: Latitude 35-57-19 N, Longitude 52-06-37 E.